How to keep going even when no one is watching

This post comes after taking a break from all kinds of social media. I’m a bit off track but there is nothing better in taking some respite to get the best out of you.

So this might seem like random smash train thoughts but we all get those moments where you’re (stuck in a rut). Thinking wow everyone boogies on and you’re having fun scrambling the notebook with all the post ideas, ( what?)  well yes……. Some would say its due to bad quality or not being ‘ out’ enough or like the song goes ( this is for all the hopefuls) yes motivation gets us everywhere.

Many of us do feel the plunge be it at Uni, work or immediate family, I believe getting some recognition is needed. Giving someone there due should come easy. Well I’m giving recognition to my followers and those that take the time to read my blog post ( yall are awesome)

While no one is watching I give myself a ‘Golden Horn’ for my hard work, knowing that even though there is no Award yet the Reward will be sweet.

Also giving recognition to a friend and fellow blogger Here  visit her blog

Stay warm