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5 Practical lifestyle tips

Fresh on the Mind 

Ya’ll must be wondering  what happened to this lovely blogger? well I took a nose dive in the creativity department. It’s been insanely challenging over the past few weeks, however challenges drives us to put our best foot forward.

What I have learned— 
1. BE  the best version of yourself every day.
2. Don’t compare yourself to others.
3. Always utilise your time wisely
4. Tap into your talents and purpose
5. Cultivate your inner beauty

Maximise your Potential

Stay in your own lane




Working Woman needs Coffee

When life is in need of Order 

If it was just so easy we all say (but it is I say) “it is that easy” 

If we just follow a Regime and be consistent at it surely it will pay of.

Read here When in dire need what could be a solution to greater well being

Keep warm

🙂 :-*


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Embracing your Trademark

Well happy Sunday yall, I can’tbelieve how we live in speed light years these days. I’m excited to share great news but we leave that for another time, let me say “whoop whoop”.

Years before I have been wearing bangs ( a fringe we call it these days) I wouldn’t leave the house without doing a last turn in the mirror to see if it’s still in place. It made me very insecure because when you are being judged by you’re looks and there you get called names such as “larger than life” or “fivehead”. So to this day i’ve learned to embrace my big forehead it’s my Trademark just as my beautiful lips which I get the most compliments for. Some would say I had them filled, while mine  are perfectly natural and these days lip enhancements are pretty in. So as for my Trademarks  I “work” them.

So without further ado let me pay tribute to our home gal Jo-Ann and of course international top model Tyra banks. These two amazingly beautiful and successful models made their marks irrespective of what others thought of them. So whatever names they were being called they definitely became Larger than Life, how about that.

What insecurities helped you take the platform?

With love



Resolutions One on One

So you might thought, has this woman gone MIA? Nah I’ve been checking and re-cheking my resolutions.

Happy brand New 2017 everyone, this year I drafting up all my resolutions for the year and 1st on my list is Eating healty. So I did some research on all the food groups and nutrients.

Oh and i’m not a food technologist, this is my own opinion and views.

Vitamin A, food source Orange, yellow and green vegetables ooh I love me some kale, yah.

Vitamin D, food source Cheese, milk and yogurt you can substitute normal milk with almond, yum.

Protein, this I love…. eggs benedict yes, Fish, lean beef and nuts I’m absolutely nuts when eating them.

With this on my list I have created a table of content about the food I consume daily, by sticking to this list I believe I my body will receive all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Well it’s been good posting a new blog piece. Just to inform you, yes you my followers I  will be posting new blog pieces on my site twice a month. 

So…. happy Fab February yall its the of love in exactly a few hours