Cheers 🍾 to the New year’s Prosperity

Shout out to my followers, ya’ll have been faithfully reading and visiting my blog page, for that I have to say thank so much. I’ve been MIA and shamefully acknowledge that I had to cultivate my creative talent.

I’ve taken stocke of my life and found that I have this tendency of falling into the old habit of starting a project and than leaving it till I have time to finish it. “Now I don’t say that I haven’t notice it”, I just brush it aside.

(Come to the point Vanessa) yeah yeah let me start by explaining most of my time in general gets occupied by work, which doesn’t allow much time for me to do my most loved hobby, and that’s Arts/craft. I’ve noticed that without doing the latter I loose all “mojo”

That is why I’ve decided that this year I will find practical ways on allocating my time to stay in that groove.

Investing my time on that which makes me happy is essential (you never know when the hobby becomes your day to day job) I also noticed that my surroundings shouldn’t be bland and that’s why I love❤ Interior decoration. I’m very attention to detail, for me contrasting items.

When it comes to creativity it’s all about what works for you. This year I decided that to take it up a notch. Combining a modern with a traditional approach.

Cultivating my sense of nior

💖 Love💖



Change In Direction


♡Welcome to a new month of embracing womanhood♡

This month we celebrate the bold woman of Africa innovating change on the continent and internationally. Woman who relentlessly work on the forefront in securing a better Africa and a brighter future for their families. These are woman that calls to duty in impoverished areas in communities; adding valuable aid to the needy.

Adapt the character of the Honeybee; Energy and Endurance.
Work to fill the Jar to enjoy the overflow there off. Increase your workability, engage in community social activity. No- one can condemn you for seeking the best in life, it�s you that opt for change – so ‘dig on it’. Lifestyle tips

Surround yourself with Positivity
Source out a mentor; someone that has overwhelming sense of positivity and creativity. You can find this person in your community or it can be a colleague that you work with; keep yourself tuned in- social media is one way to start.
Empower yourself

Cultivate on your dreams; be decisive in dealing with challenges.
Read the thought philosophy the law of Attraction

Find the ‘Hub’ in You
Grow your itinerary list with (yeah it�s never too late to seek adventure) occasional leisure and recreational activity. Reclaim your me- time (yes being selfish for once) which is should be part of your daily routine. A proven remedy is to tap into your happy chemicals which means following a certain regime; excising regularly releases a powerful �Flush� of antioxidants this relaxes the face muscles (giving you that charismatic look).

Beat Peace with your inner most being, that is the recipe of being happy.
SA Woman Online Magazine


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    5 Practical lifestyle tips

    Fresh on the Mind 

    Ya’ll must be wondering  what happened to this lovely blogger? well I took a nose dive in the creativity department. It’s been insanely challenging over the past few weeks, however challenges drives us to put our best foot forward.

    What I have learned— 
    1. BE  the best version of yourself every day.
    2. Don’t compare yourself to others.
    3. Always utilise your time wisely
    4. Tap into your talents and purpose
    5. Cultivate your inner beauty

    Maximise your Potential

    Stay in your own lane





    Essence with Van Essa

    The up and down side of being in the Blog sphere
    It’s been awhile since I blogged about lifestyle tips I collect from bloggers I follow.

    With that being said, it’s evident that I’ve been somewhat MIA in the past weeks. Thus I want to give a graceful thanks to my followers 💐 yall are the Best. To keep your traffic flowing; your content needs to have a jaw- dropping creative flair.

    Being a blogger has helped me discover my creative talent that’s been buried under a heap of ( I don’t know if I’d be taken seriously ) well Look at me now
    Affiliate marketing
    This is 1 department that needs alot of tactful thinking. How to attract brands to your website works with aligning your social media account with your blog. Talking of experience? No I’m still working on that Niche.
    Personal Responsibilities
    These always take 1st priority and balacing them is not easy. My sister and I recently moved out of the nest and in all honesty; it’s alot of work having household tasks Pilling up.

    This can be exciting but a daunting experience; for me personally it all about the balancing the books. One need a good support structure to hold everything together. How do one balance it all?
    When I look at the Big gun bloggers I do wonder; how do they do it? well we have to crawl in order to walk. I’ve been reading on some articles on How to Organise like a pro an article in the Career girl Daily another inspiration by (yall should know by now ) no other than wait for it Patricia Bright she is the Ace of all Aces.
    I do know sticking to this Darling’s Regime will surely take me to the Next level.

    I’ve linked a Youtube video of her daily regime check it out; it sure gave me an Oomph start to put some Order in my life.

    Q/A What is your petpive?

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