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This is the simplicity of life. The writer just woke up my senses ūüėÉ.

Wandering With Words

I guess it‚Äôs about time to change my age in the About section. ūüėõ

28 things learnt by 28 :

  1. Learn to love your life and yourself.

No matter how messed up you or your life may seem (or people say) there’s always something unique about you. Be grateful.

  1. Chocolates, books and music can lift your mood.

In that order.

  1. The sunrise, the sunset and the moon are three beauties that come to you everyday.

Learn to appreciate it.

  1. Never stop learning.

One who stops learning becomes old. One who keeps learning stays young.

  1. Improve. Mature. But never ‚Äúgrow up‚ÄĚ

Make sure you never lose the inner child in you.

  1. Smile when you wake up and forgive people before you sleep.

For your own peace of mind.

  1. Eat, sleep, laugh and talk moderately.

But smile a lot! Smile and shine! 

  1. Give charity and gifts regularly.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s small…

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Skin goals for 2017

Happy Monday y’all, I’m BACK in full bloom to tell you whats¬†Hot off my “press”

It’s amazing how quickly we adapt to change, its said that change is inevitable. There is nothing better than reaching your full potential, with that being said when we mention the word¬†GOAL¬†objectives and values is¬†ready¬†to elaborate on it. The word (Goal) is the new¬†buzz word.

With goals in place there is surely a definitive chance that they’ll be lived up to the test. I can boastfully say that, I’ve become an Ambassador of my own skin care standards. Over the years we trail and test products that have different benefits; from¬†High-end¬†to¬†Luxury¬†products.

Unrealistic as they would seem, allow me to share my Skin care goals for 2017.

#Glow up

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Beware of Knowledge Hoarders

This is so true what the authenticity expressed, some people have an inferiority complex.

Hope Nwosu

There are people who believe in the monopoly of Knowledge. They feel that the skills they possess should be exclusively theirs even when they are obliged to impact the knowledge to someone else. They are reluctant to teach people may be for the fear of losing relevance. Or the fear of the learner out shining them.

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3 Products your skin will thank you for

While i’m not one that switch up my skin care products, I have stumbled on new ones that I can truly say is worth buying.

This is a routine I follow


All thanks to the latest ad of Neutrogena the new hydro Boost product launch, i found myself in dire need of a facial cleanser. Tho I could have bought my go-to facial product, I reluctantly opt and purchased the Neutrogena deep facial cleanser.  One of the benefits I experienced is that my complexion has improved immaculately. Even so I still use my Holy grail these 2 correlate perfectly together.


This year i’ve decided that I need to pay more attention to my body, exfoliating became a word I never leave out from my¬†Beauty vocabulary.¬†While we devote buying creams in conjunction we should treat our body with a little bit of bath soufle, Hm… that means exfoliating regularly. ¬†So wrap your self in¬†Pure indulgence


There is nothing better than staying hydrated, ( its like needing nutrients to keep healthy) oh yes…! that is what our skin need. Ultimately our skin soke up 90% of HO water, thus getting the most benefit out of the products we buy. A new product which is making¬†‚ÄėHeadlines‚Äô is¬†This product¬†it’s main component in this cream is¬†Buchu oil. Buchu being native to South Africa and part of the cultural heritage of the Khoi and San clan, has made its way into many African households. A commodity that are deeply routed.

Taking care of our skin needs no science, just love and consistency.




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4 Wish-List Stapels

The bralette

From bra to bralette, (when did that happen?) Well its sure trending now. Formerly known as the Bra, the latter has surely come alooong way. Traditionally worn for support ( that we do need) and added posture alignment. This garment has certainly made an Fashion forward statement, the bralette which is so perfectly remodeled compliment any outfit superbly.

These are just a few staples I like.


The Sassy cold shoulder cutout top

An on-trend funky way to show off your beautiful shoulders. Gone are the slouchy strapy tops, Hello saucy shoulder cutout top.

original (1)

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London Street Style 2017

I get all excited when the London Fashion Week gets hosted, it being a place where fashion forward¬†creativity aren’t being lambasted. Even tho I haven’t been at the actual event I do my bit of research to be updated with Street style trends. Without a doubt, new trends have hit the streets by “storm”. It is surely an event of the Year,¬†it makes fashion sense and for the ordinary women like” us” give impressive guidelines.

This being my own opinion, I have gone through some articles of the event. Even tho I might not try all of them, there are some pieces that made me wish I was wearing them.

I’ve included some photos most of these being my personal favourites.

Tailored to perfection


Kate Foley with a J.W. Anderson bag Image Source: IMAXTREE/ VALENTINA VALDINOCI/ IMAXTREE.COM



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Bold in Black

How proud am I to be owning a little black dress.

While I knew that I will be able to rock in black, the problem was getting the style, length and cut right. The characteristics of black comes with grace, elegance and sophistication. Tho its regarded as a colour of mourning it has become quite iconic, setting this trend Coco Chanel has worn the Little black dress on the runway.

It’s said by and I quote Women who wear black lead coloful lives. While the is much to say about wearing¬†black words that holds the colour is Boldness and Power.

This is my on trend Little black 

ÔŅľAs yall can see the strength that¬†Black¬†represent, best be said I feel powerful and bold when wearing black.

Black Radiance

This is one colour that truly makes a bold statement, tho blue is the colour of royalty Black is dominant.

What’s your favourite colour of the season?

With love



Inspired airport look

Inspired airport look

River Island turtleneck sweater
180 ZAR –

Boohoo petite coat
1 270 ZAR –

Khaki skirt
215 ZAR –

Short boots
505 ZAR –

Man bag
535 ZAR –

Olivia Burton vintage jewelry
1 760 ZAR –

River Island earrings
110 ZAR –

770 ZAR –

Aéropostale fedora hat
155 ZAR –


Get to know me 

This is my first time doing a blog piece about myself. Since starting out with this venture I have been constantly evaluating myself. It has been quite the journey, and must I say it has been a good one.

Well here goes,

My name is Vanessa melanie, I am 1.6 in lenght.

I am working as a careworker at an awesome international health-care company.

I love working with people and my passion is kindness.

My ethic is colourd but my father is Malawian which im very proud of.

I am quite the diplomat as I like rules and consistency.

I am currently studying towards a certificate in Businesses management.

I love my friends and like the fact that they of different races.

My aspirations are what some would say is unachievable but statements like drives me more towards them.

My goal is to become a well known South-African blogger and in doing this I want to help my fellow sisters and those who started off as myself by being unsure and scared to what the public would think about my articles and post, to be bold and believe in themselves.

So ya that’s who I am and I hope yall find some inspiration from this post. 

Q/A What drives you towards realising your dreams?