The 8 Face Masks I Keep in Rotation

Hi y’all if you following me on bloglovin then you’ll remember that I wrote a blog post on #skingoals

Read this article from a blogger whose skincare products is on point.

Caudalíe Wins Hands Down


They all have different values but my take on Caudalíe gets the ĥigest poll; this would be one product that I’d sure like to invest in.

Truth be told I wouldn’t want to use a tad bit this lavish commodity, it will display in my dresser. Tho i’m fancying the all the products rewieved, my obsession lies with Caudalíe.

For the love



Eyebrow perfection

It’s been a while since I’ve written on blog reason being studies and work keeping me busy. So I took the liberty of just embrassing the fact that Im becoming a pro at filling my eyebrows neatly.

From using a normal eyebrow pencil to filling them with an a customed eyebrow filler.

Below you’ll see a before and after photo.Here it was done “premeturly” done yes I wasn’t really sure how to make them look dramatically even.This is a before photo having no clue how my brows are suppose to be shaped and filled.

In the next picture I think  i’ve a better job at shaping, filling and defining them, I think this is the best I’ve ever done. With the help of Youtube tutorials and following certain bloggers I can say that I am starting to master the art of doing my eyebrows properly.

I’ve linked a few blog pages below just for yall to see which bloggers I folllow.britpoplife