Cheers 🍾 to the New year’s Prosperity

Shout out to my followers, ya’ll have been faithfully reading and visiting my blog page, for that I have to say thank so much. I’ve been MIA and shamefully acknowledge that I had to cultivate my creative talent.

I’ve taken stocke of my life and found that I have this tendency of falling into the old habit of starting a project and than leaving it till I have time to finish it. “Now I don’t say that I haven’t notice it”, I just brush it aside.

(Come to the point Vanessa) yeah yeah let me start by explaining most of my time in general gets occupied by work, which doesn’t allow much time for me to do my most loved hobby, and that’s Arts/craft. I’ve noticed that without doing the latter I loose all “mojo”

That is why I’ve decided that this year I will find practical ways on allocating my time to stay in that groove.

Investing my time on that which makes me happy is essential (you never know when the hobby becomes your day to day job) I also noticed that my surroundings shouldn’t be bland and that’s why I love❤ Interior decoration. I’m very attention to detail, for me contrasting items.

When it comes to creativity it’s all about what works for you. This year I decided that to take it up a notch. Combining a modern with a traditional approach.

Cultivating my sense of nior

💖 Love💖