Change In Direction


♡Welcome to a new month of embracing womanhood♡

This month we celebrate the bold woman of Africa innovating change on the continent and internationally. Woman who relentlessly work on the forefront in securing a better Africa and a brighter future for their families. These are woman that calls to duty in impoverished areas in communities; adding valuable aid to the needy.

Adapt the character of the Honeybee; Energy and Endurance.
Work to fill the Jar to enjoy the overflow there off. Increase your workability, engage in community social activity. No- one can condemn you for seeking the best in life, it�s you that opt for change – so ‘dig on it’. Lifestyle tips

Surround yourself with Positivity
Source out a mentor; someone that has overwhelming sense of positivity and creativity. You can find this person in your community or it can be a colleague that you work with; keep yourself tuned in- social media is one way to start.
Empower yourself

Cultivate on your dreams; be decisive in dealing with challenges.
Read the thought philosophy the law of Attraction

Find the ‘Hub’ in You
Grow your itinerary list with (yeah it�s never too late to seek adventure) occasional leisure and recreational activity. Reclaim your me- time (yes being selfish for once) which is should be part of your daily routine. A proven remedy is to tap into your happy chemicals which means following a certain regime; excising regularly releases a powerful �Flush� of antioxidants this relaxes the face muscles (giving you that charismatic look).

Beat Peace with your inner most being, that is the recipe of being happy.
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