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Personal Evaluation

Its been a good few weeks thus far, well the only thing is that I have been of the radar for too long. It could be due to slouching or plan old procastination (goodness could it be?) we all get those moments when you just not diligent

Ohk y’all would think (blah blah blah) on a more serious note; in recent News woman has become “Statistics” from the age of an infant.  It has been Worldwide news where woman are being (abused, raped and killed). The new buzz word in South-Africa is #Menaretrash, only due to lack of Poverty and Education. It saddens me to think that we have lost all there sense of Leadership. 

Recent incidence have been reported of how “Woman has to fear for their lives”

The following articles outlined the fear of being a woman

3 year old Courtney Petersen

The fear of being a woman

News that shocked the Country

These are just but a few incidence that occurred in recent weeks, what about the untold stories? We need to ask ourselves why this act of indecency has creeped into our Hearts and Mind. 

Phumza Fihlani describe the fear of a woman living in S.A.

Being a woman in South Africa is like being trapped in a locked room – you can hear someone walking outside and you know they will come in one day and you wont be able to stop them.

Its time to evaluate our thinking, our inner thoughts, its time to unlocked our oppressed minds that we have cocoont ourself in.

There will never be an opportunity as now to Revise our spirit of Ubuntu.

With love