3 Products your skin will thank you for

While i’m not one that switch up my skin care products, I have stumbled on new ones that I can truly say is worth buying.

This is a routine I follow


All thanks to the latest ad of Neutrogena the new hydro Boost product launch, i found myself in dire need of a facial cleanser. Tho I could have bought my go-to facial product, I reluctantly opt and purchased the Neutrogena deep facial cleanser.  One of the benefits I experienced is that my complexion has improved immaculately. Even so I still use my Holy grail these 2 correlate perfectly together.


This year i’ve decided that I need to pay more attention to my body, exfoliating became a word I never leave out from my Beauty vocabulary. While we devote buying creams in conjunction we should treat our body with a little bit of bath soufle, Hm… that means exfoliating regularly.  So wrap your self in Pure indulgence


There is nothing better than staying hydrated, ( its like needing nutrients to keep healthy) oh yes…! that is what our skin need. Ultimately our skin soke up 90% of HO water, thus getting the most benefit out of the products we buy. A new product which is making ‘Headlines’ is This product it’s main component in this cream is Buchu oil. Buchu being native to South Africa and part of the cultural heritage of the Khoi and San clan, has made its way into many African households. A commodity that are deeply routed.

Taking care of our skin needs no science, just love and consistency.