Bold in Black

How proud am I to be owning a little black dress.

While I knew that I will be able to rock in black, the problem was getting the style, length and cut right. The characteristics of black comes with grace, elegance and sophistication. Tho its regarded as a colour of mourning it has become quite iconic, setting this trend Coco Chanel has worn the Little black dress on the runway.

It’s said by and I quote Women who wear black lead coloful lives. While the is much to say about wearing black words that holds the colour is Boldness and Power.

This is my on trend Little black 

As yall can see the strength that Black represent, best be said I feel powerful and bold when wearing black.

Black Radiance

This is one colour that truly makes a bold statement, tho blue is the colour of royalty Black is dominant.

What’s your favourite colour of the season?

With love