Resolutions One on One

So you might thought, has this woman gone MIA? Nah I’ve been checking and re-cheking my resolutions.

Happy brand New 2017 everyone, this year I drafting up all my resolutions for the year and 1st on my list is Eating healty. So I did some research on all the food groups and nutrients.

Oh and i’m not a food technologist, this is my own opinion and views.

Vitamin A, food source Orange, yellow and green vegetables ooh I love me some kale, yah.

Vitamin D, food source Cheese, milk and yogurt you can substitute normal milk with almond, yum.

Protein, this I love…. eggs benedict yes, Fish, lean beef and nuts I’m absolutely nuts when eating them.

With this on my list I have created a table of content about the food I consume daily, by sticking to this list I believe I my body will receive all the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Well it’s been good posting a new blog piece. Just to inform you, yes you my followers I  will be posting new blog pieces on my site twice a month. 

So…. happy Fab February yall its the of love in exactly a few hours