Self Rewarding

Motivational Friday

Nothing beats the feeling of achievement and with that being said I successfully passed my 1st year Studies in Business Management. The fact that so many things happend in the time of me preparing for my exam makes it extra,  extra rewarding. Never in a million years did I ever thought i’d be more productive when i’m pressed for time and almost backed into a corner yes people backed into a corner. Giving all my praises due to God our Father nothing would have been possible without His hand.

Absolutely thankful and loving the people in my life with whom I now know, ‘ I can walk a mile with ya’. 

Another achievement is the fact that i’ve come so far with introducing my blogging site to my followers and reaching an astonishing 17 mark  of followers what amazing feeling and to those considering following  my blog Welcome.


Cheer all year round

Daily Regime

Season transition

With me travelling abroad and since in stepping into a different season I needed to come prepared. So firstly starting of with my hair I installed exstentions in and it’s all thanks to the Hairy Fairy my salon. It makes my holidays so much easier as I can create easy on the go styles. Here is one of my easy styles

Sleek haitpr updo

There after I need to prepare my skin for the cold winter days so I use these three products to keep my skin in a good condition.


Clinique moisture surge face spray keeps my face feeling moisturized without looking cakey|

Dove Spa goodness it’s so velvety and smooth|

Boots coconut body oil the best treat your skin will ever need|

Winter skin care

So every that’s the products I use to stay on top of my daily regime.

Xoxo Shout out to Foshini Cape gate for employing one master skincare consultant Juliana


My wish came true

Hi everyone, so today I want to share what has made me so happy. Not only am I travelling abroad ‘ yeah’ but a wish of mine came true.

So this has been my wish, that one of my beloved stores will finally be selling Colette Haymans high end pieces. Yes you can tell me’ girl you can buy it online’ ┬ábut I just love to see something so exquisite I real time. When I stepped inside the tfg group store at Foshini Tygervalley I felt like heaven made way for me, it was so hard for my sister to get me away from those babies.

I couldn’t believe that Foshini collaborated with Ms Colette Hayman. So without further ado herewith my CH haul

Black Belinda tote and cross body bag that can be worn separately, my initial purchase was a purse. I never thought Foshini Tfg would actually make this one department in store. Well I went a head and bought two set off earrings and a three piece necklace, I love jewelry and bags and everything. With that being said stepping out in style with a Colette Hayman piece will certainly make you the centre of attraction.

My view on this high end quality accessories is sophisticated, stylish yet classic.

Xoxo Go get your’s

Happy Christmas shopping everyone let jingle all the way.