Summer favourites

Hiya so it’s been an awesome month for me, from finishing my 2nd semester to starting a new season. This one bringing out new products and all new trend. 

So today I want to share with yall my new summer favourites that hydrates my skin into that fresh glow and soft feeling but not to forgetting smoothness. As we are transitioning into summer you guys know; summer in Cape Town can be hectic. I’m not saying that to scare you but using the right products during summer one must be well informed about it’s benefits. So without further keeping you in suspense these are what I have bought to add to my  summer must have collection.

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream skin protectant

It does exactly what it says, I had windburn on my lips and with me loving lipstick and gloss I couldn’t use any. It was so frustrating I went all bare lip, but after finding this quick fixer my cracked lips was smooth and shiny. The product is high end, a little pricey but with all it’s benefits and visible results it is one product to slay and slay. 

With me having a heat rash breakout on my hand I find this perfect, I dont need to use any prescription creams as before I just have to dap a little bit on my hands rub it in and see how it works. I absolutely love this. The product is sold at most selected cosmetic stores and the price is around R290. I’m happy with it i’m sure yall will too. It has a lovely medicated aroma, while it does say cream the texture is more like a ointment.

The next product that I use is this one;

Palmer’s hand cream it soften heels, elbows, hand and feet wth it’s 24 hour protection when applying this to my feet it’s like my feet have milk all over. The texture is smooth and it has a beautiful coconut aroma. I am so glad that palmers created this product as I am very picky when buying a hand lotion. Cleary a well thought about all in one products.

Lets be honest people we buy product for it’s benefits and features surely we think about the exchange and when the benefits is so good it all make it worthwhile.

Ps, Products bought at Dischem Pharmacy  and Edgards cosmetic counter.

Hope I have help yall with sharing my summer must-have. 

Let’s start to welcome the upcoming holidays.

Lots of love and happiness