Get to know me 

This is my first time doing a blog piece about myself. Since starting out with this venture I have been constantly evaluating myself. It has been quite the journey, and must I say it has been a good one.

Well here goes,

My name is Vanessa melanie, I am 1.6 in lenght.

I am working as a careworker at an awesome international health-care company.

I love working with people and my passion is kindness.

My ethic is colourd but my father is Malawian which im very proud of.

I am quite the diplomat as I like rules and consistency.

I am currently studying towards a certificate in Businesses management.

I love my friends and like the fact that they of different races.

My aspirations are what some would say is unachievable but statements like drives me more towards them.

My goal is to become a well known South-African blogger and in doing this I want to help my fellow sisters and those who started off as myself by being unsure and scared to what the public would think about my articles and post, to be bold and believe in themselves.

So ya that’s who I am and I hope yall find some inspiration from this post. 

Q/A What drives you towards realising your dreams?