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Golden oldies

Hello yall so for today I feel like a kid again young and free without a worry in the world. Well today I want to share with yall all my favourite golden oldies. The goodies that I loved back in the day when I was still young, “can I actually say that.” I believe that new innovation takes place and products must evolve and get new features that’s the way life works.

When I look at all new the kiddies products, toys and programs I always wonder what happend to the old storie programs that we use to watch. 

Below some personal favourites of mine.

Ah I we use to run from school for these two programs, Mina moo and willie wallie.

The chappies was an absolute must reason being that when you unwrap it inside the paper you get a motivational piece or you’ll get educational wording like who when the world war 1. The second favourite oldie was the kool-aid drink these ones we use to freeze and make ice lollies of it.

So that’s my favourite golden oldies.

Q/A what products or programs do you miss most from your childhood days

Happy fall yall.