Staying true to yourself

As this is post is so close to my heart, it needed to be placed out there. When i was little I was told to go to school, get my matric certifate and go and work. Ohk I did what I was told but as I grew older I realised that ” is that what life is all about” working and never experience the finner things in life.

Only recently I came out of what is called a scarcity paradigm, yes I started dreaming what life could be when working hard towards your “own” dreams. Yes there was some people and there will always be people telling you that dreaming is not for “us”. Than I thot who is us? Is the “us” poor people or those who can not Dream?

I started enrolling myself to what we call FET colleges an started from basic training, yes i’m still working as a healthcare worker but i’m working very hard on my dreams. Motivating yourself is not easy but humbleness elevates you to greatness.

I believe staying true to oneself is the easiest in life, yes we will encounter hurdles but often those hurdles elevate us.

Q/A: What motivates you to stay true to your dreams