A weekend break

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle it is of utmost importance to relax and unwind, that’s why we as friends decided to break away for the weekend. As we still in winter and the month we decided on was in May, we were a little sceptical about going.After all it was only the beginning of winter, so we had to carefully plan our trip. We eventually found the most beautiful place and the amazing thing about it is just on the foot of our doorstep.The weather turned out fine and we had a great time.

Cultivar guest lodge Stellenbosch Cape Town

This is the entrance hallway, it is so inviting and have a warm feeling.

This place for me is so awesome, you have the choice of driving or riding a bicycle through the winelands. 

This for me is a statement piece,  what a great feature this is. It made us all so happy to have chosen this place.

This antique wine cabinet caught my eye a timeless piece.

The dinning room area flows in with the seatting area, the main kitchen is 5 feet away and the breakfast was served as as a buffet. The food was delicious to choose from farm bread to baggels to different cheese you just can’t finish all.

A view from the bottom up as all the surrounded area farms and guest lodges have a slopped down which makes it so unique.

To think this place and more similar ones are just 20 minutes away from my home town makes me blush as it was our first time to actually explore the Cape Winelands area.

Below is a photo of the surrounding farms.
A view from the top.

What a wonderful stay we had, the staff treated us as family and the fellow lodges were so friendly.A home away from home i’d say. Thank you Cultivar guest lodge Stellenbosch.