Unexpected circumstances

My worst experience

This post is very close to my heart as i felt the need to take care  is of utmost importance. This weekend I went for a procedure in hospital everything went fine and I was one my feet the next day.On the day of my discharge something horrible happend.

My family came to pick me up and we just decided that we want to pop into the convenient store to get some Sunday lunch. Because I was just released from hospital I thought that I better take care and stay in the car, my suster told me and her boyfriend that was driving the ah she’ll just pop in the store. Suddenly her boyfriend decided that he is going with her and I was sitting in the car. I opend the car’s door and my suster closed it again, whilest walking to the store my suster’s boyfriend locked the car. He obviously just thought that he should lock it, and I heard the lock goes on.

That is when I realised that im in a locked car with no windows open cut of from oxygen supply. I had to first asses what to do now, i’m stuck in the car and i’m panicking. It immediately came to my mind that I should get the car guard’s attention, and I did I explained to him that im stuck in the car with no oxygen supply and he immediately got some nearby people to help. The supervisor of the store announced my sister’s name but they didnt her, they tried everything to open the door but couldn’t so the next step was to break the small side window.

And that only happened in 15 minutes time, when my sister and her boyfriend arrived at the car they were shocked at their findings. One broken window and me sobbing uncontrollably they were really shocked.

So this experience I felt that I should share it as we sometimes leave our siblings or children or even animals in the car now we just think  it’s a hassle to take them  out or you think its only a few minutes you’ll spend in the shop. That few minutes can cost some very close to you their live.

So in my view please take care and checked that the windows is down if you leave someone in the car.

Q/A  What is your worst experience?