Go for hydration

  1. Hydrating the body is essential for the organs. One concern of mine is my skin, from the soap I use to the moisturizing lotion I apply. Tho i’m not a fan of oil i’ve recently discovered these three products as my go-to for hydration.
  2. Below I have a detailed description of them.

  1. I use a  avo to make a face mask, this I only use once a week.The one product I cant go without is the moisture surge  thirt relief serum by clinique.
  2. I mostly use it after applying my dramatically moisturizing lotion, I also apply  it over my makeup and i’ve realised it soaks up the foudation on my face giving it an illuminating effect.

  1. Next: Is the tissue oil I use a celltone product this is my go-to I use it wih my body lotion, its formula is light and none greasy.| Vaseline petroleum jelly| This I  use in the winter months for my hands and feet. It gives my skin that warm feeling especially on a cold morning. My favourite is the light hydrating jelly aloe fresh.|Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal  coconut scrub shower cream|What a mouthful and its just that one product I love its soft on your skin, I squirt an ample amount on my hands and lather in on my skin. Makes my skin feel silky soft and renewed.
  • Stay freshly hydrated and renewed.
  • What is your go-to products?