Trendless to trendy

In earlier years I use to struggle to get in line with what is the new trend. From jeans to dress and skirts, wearing them was a mission since a young age. Now that in soo much older and everything is at my finger tips help in there for me 24/7. 

Below is just a few outfits ive come to like.

This two toned green and black dress is just one of my favourites its just a masterpiece. One would think its a blouse thats tucked in a a line skirt.

Description: Two toned green and black dress with a open back. What’s so beautiful about it is the hand quilted button at the back right at the top.

The next oufit is just some casual shirt dress I’ve come to like, its so slick and easy to wear below is a description of it.

Shirt dress by Rochelle humns, ankle wedge boot brown in colour by Fashion express, black oqupaes by Fashion express, accessories own.


Changing habits

As being so use to going to the retail store with a list of things to buy but only to find that when I enter my house that 10 persent of the things that was bought I did not take. In other words I over spent on things not being thot as a necessity. I came to notice this habits and decided to make a change. So whenever I go to the shop I make sure that I only take the exact amount of money I need.


Life a journey

In life we never know where we will end up let alone how we’ll go about going there. Today ive realised that im the one on that journey and I must work hard at all cost to get to where I want to be. No matter what method I use its about my drive, determanation and the resilience I build up. I think about a the bicycle I was introduced to in the earlier years of my teens. My nephew was telling a had you’ll never know untill you try and try and try again.

Today Im still not confident in riding a bicycle but Im still trying. So in that life to me is a journey you’ll never know until you try.